For Entrepreneurs Ready to Launch or Expand

Let's create and launch your business in Just 6 weeks - TOGETHER!

With "Create It Together", you'll receive expert guidance and support in every step of the way, helping you confidently launch your business within just 6 weeks.

Only 6 spots in total available!

For Entrepreneurs Ready to Launch or Expand

Let's create and launch your business in Just
6 weeks -

With "Create It Together", you'll receive expert guidance and support in every step of the way, helping you confidently launch your business within just 6 weeks.

Only 6 spots in total available!

Join our Exclusive program for entrepreneurs who are ready to turn ideas into reality

A Step-by-Step Co-Creation Program to Launch Your Business in just 6 weeks

Our program is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to start or scale up their business. We will guide and support you, from developing your business strategy, to creating your online presence and telling the story of your brand through marketing. You will have everything to launch and kick-start your business fast!

Here's everything That you'll get during our 6-weeks Online Live program

Tailor-made Business Strategy, Content, and Offer

Together, we'll craft a strategy that's perfectly tailored to your business and guide you through every step of the process. We combine our expertise to create great content, the story, and an offer that your target audience simply can't refuse.


Engaging Beautiful Website or Sales Funnel

Your online presence is your 24-hour digital sales person and an essential lead magnet. Together, we work closely to build a compelling and engaging online identity that effectively attracts prospects and converts them into customers.


Goal-Focused Marketing Strategy for Launch

With our strategic partnership, we'll lay the foundation for your marketing initiatives, ensuring you're fully prepared for a successful launch. From planning to execution, we're in this together every step of the way.


Weekly Customized One-on-One Meetings

Get weekly personal 1:1 online meetings that perfectly fit just what you need to successfully build and grow your business. Every meeting is customized to speed up your success.


Weekly Group Sessions with max. 6 attendees

Every week, we have group online meetings where we teach and build everything step by step, with everyone working together, sharing tips and support to help make each other's businesses stronger.


AI Mastery: Best Tools & Practice for 10x Success

We don't just tell you about the best AI tools out there; we use them together to make your content, stories, and business really stand out and grab attention. Learn everything to have future success.


Top #3 Problems Entrepreneurs Face When Starting A Business

Starting a business is a big challenge!

It often comes with problems that can slow down or stop even the most excited/ambitious/driven people. Here are the three biggest issues they face when they begin.


Overwhelmed by Complexity & Overall Strategy

Starting a business can feel like being lost in a maze, with too many tasks and tough decisions making it hard to move forward. Plus, not having a clear plan means struggling to find the right customers, wasting time and money on marketing and products that don't work.


Difficult technical implementation of the website and an online presence

In today's digital world, having a strong online presence is crucial. However, many new entrepreneurs find it challenging to create and maintain an engaging website, optimize for search engines, and actively manage social media channels, hindering their ability to reach and engage with their audience effectively.


High costs for building up a company on your own

Many entrepreneurs spend months or even years trying to learn everything by themselves, or they end up investing 5,000 to 10,000 or more in agencies. Finding a smarter way to navigate this journey can save you both time and money, ensuring a quicker and more cost-effective path to business success.

Attention Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Startup's

Are you ready to turn your Idea Dream Vision Project Business into a successful online business?

Join Today! Your Journey Starts In ...


The Program Details

Discover what we will achieve together over the next 6 weeks

Join us for a comprehensive journey designed to transform your business dreams into reality. Our program provides detailed guidance, innovative strategies, and hands-on support, covering every essential aspect to ensure your success. See below for the key areas we'll tackle together in the coming weeks.​

Week 01
(Sep 04th - 10th)

Kickstart Your Strategy and Sales Funnel

This week is about making a smart plan for your customer journey. It's the start of making sure everything goes right. We look at who else is doing what you do and learn all about your perfect customers. This is how we start building your path to success, focusing on creating a great journey for your customers from the start.

What We'll Do:

  • Lay the Groundwork: We begin our journey by mapping out your entire sales funnel – turning strangers into happy customers.
  • Check Out the Competition: We’ll deep dive into exploring what others are doing. This helps us understand what works, what doesn’t, and how we can be even better.
  • Define Your Dream Customer: Who are you trying to help? We’ll paint a detailed picture of your ideal client – their likes, dislikes, and what they truly need from you.

By the End of Week 1 you'll have a clear map of your sales funnel, insights into your competition, and a sharp image of your dream client. This isn't about guesswork; it's about crafting a plan that resonates with the people you want to serve.

Week 02
(Sep 11th - 17th)

Crafting The Content and Your Irresistible Offer

This week is all about creating an offer people can't say no to. We'll focus on crafting something so good that your customers will be super excited and spend time on your story. We'll discover that special something you have and make sure it grabs everyone's attention.

What We'll Do:

  • Irresistible Offer Creation: What’s going to make people say “I need this!”? We’ll develop an offer that’s too good to resist.
  • Great Content: We’ll map out the content that’ll draw your ideal customers in. This is about getting the right message to the right people.
  • Storytelling Magic: Everyone loves a good story. We’ll teach you how to tell yours in a way that connects emotionally with your audience.

By the End of Week 2 you'll have your unbeatable offer and a content plan that speaks directly to your dream customers. You're not just selling something; you're starting meaningful conversations.

Week 03-05
(Sep 18th - Oct 08th)

Building an Engaging Website or Sales Funnel

Having a standout online presence makes selling your product or service both easier and more successful. It's about shining brighter than your competition, capturing attention, and really setting yourself apart. This is your chance to make a memorable first impression that turns visitors into loyal customers.

What We'll Do:

  • Landing Page Mastery: Your digital storefront. We’ll guide you through creating a landing page that captivates and captures leads.
  • Sales Page That Sells: We’ll turn your sales page into a persuasive powerhouse that turns visitors into buyers.
  • Legal and Thank You Pages: Dot the i’s and cross the t’s with essential legal pages and craft a thank you page that keeps the journey going.
  • Email Setup and Automation: From choosing the right platform like Mailchimp to automating your emails, we’ve got you covered.
  • Testing Everything: Before we launch, we make sure everything works flawlessly. No stone left unturned.

By the End of Weeks 3-5 we will bring your Funnel to Life. Your website or sales funnel isn't just a dream anymore; it's online. From landing to thank you page, you're set to attract, engage, and convert clients.

Week 06
(Oct 09th - 15th)

Preparing your Marketing and Takeoff

Launch day is almost here! We're making sure your marketing is set to go. We'll figure out the best things to say, the right timing, and where to share your messages. This way, you'll be all set to make a big splash and get everyone excited about what you're offering.

What We'll Do:

  • Strategize Your Launch: Final touches on your launch strategy to make sure the world is ready for what you’ve created.
  • 30-Day Marketing Plan: A day-by-day guide on what to post, share, and email leading up to and beyond your launch.
  • Content Prep: We’ll create content so you’re ready to hit the ground running. No last-minute panic here.
  • Schedule and Automate: Using tools to schedule your posts and emails, making your launch smoother.

By the End of Week 6 you're not just waiting to launch; you're ready to party. Your websites are online, your marketing's ready, your posts are lined up, and excitement is in the air.

Final Week
(Oct 16th)

Launch Day

Today's the day! Launch day marks both a festive milestone and the start of something new. This could be the start of something big, really changing your life and taking you to new places. We're right there with you, supporting and cheering you on.

What Is Going On:

  • Launch With a Bang: It’s go-time! We’ll help you monitor, engage, and celebrate as your offer goes live to the world.
  • Engage and Excite: Be present and active, connecting with your audience, answering questions, and keeping the momentum.

By the End of Launch Day, your offer is out in the world, making waves. But it's just the beginning. With a solid foundation, great content, and a killer sales funnel, you're on the path to success.

Max. 6 spots available secure yours today!

What happy clients say

Sevan Eker

Managing Director RE/MAX Ibiza Real Estate

Working with your team has brought Female Fitness's brand to life, connecting us with more women through an effective strategy and sales funnel. Your support has been crucial to our growth.
Nicole Schänzle
Female Fitness
I was amazed at how you transformed our Steel construction company online presence with a standout website. Your attention to detail and development skills are top-notch.
Günther Hasteadt
Managing Director Hermann Maschinenbau
The strategic guidance and sales funnel development you provided for Lebensgrundsteine have significantly enhanced our ability to support mental health. I couldn't have done it without you.
Stefanie Wildnauer
Thomas helped z-inspiration lab not only to create our compelling consulting website but also our online course, 'HOW TO BE A WINNING WOMAN.' From the initial concept to the final launch, he was an integral part of co-creating every step with us."
Annika Zebra
CEO z-inspiration lab
Helping people live pain-free is our mission at drmove, and your strategy and sales funnel expertise have been key to growing our membership. We're grateful for your invaluable support.
Christian Wildnauer
Managing Director drmove
Your team's work on our strategy and sales funnel was a game-changer, capturing the heart of our brand at PickMyAngel. Thank you for understanding the essence of our Angel Caller necklace for women and expectant mothers.
Marvin Grossmann
Director - Pick My Angel

Your Step-by-Step Co-Creation Guide

25+ years - innovation expert & business coach

Meet Thomas E. Williams

Hi, my name is Thomas, and I've spent over 25 years building multiple businesses and brands that have generated six and seven-figure profits.
During that time, I've helped more than 200 entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. My expertise lies in online marketing, building sales funnels, web design, and simplifying and automating business processes. I am passionate about the latest technologies, such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), to develop efficient strategies that take businesses to the next level. My passion is to help startups, motivated entrepreneurs, and companies to win new customers and to develop and realize their ideas and dreams.

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6 Entrepreneurs • 6 Projects • 6 weeks

Why Should You Join Our Launch & Scale Co-Creation?

This offer is made for entrepreneurs and business owners who are serious about growth but want to avoid the overwhelm of going it alone. Whether you're a new entrepreneur or looking to optimise an existing business, if you're ready to roll up your sleeves and work directly with an expert, this offer is for you.

If you have a desire for the freedom to work, travel and live on your own terms

Imagine a life where you're the boss, exploring new places while your business thrives—let's make it happen.

If your goal is to build wealth and independence through your passion

Turn your passion into wealth and independence and create a foundation of success and freedom.

If you dream of a flexible lifestyle that allows you to earn money anywhere

Live the dream of earning on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world, with a business that fits you.

If you are focused on creating a better life for yourself, family and others

Turn your wishes into reality and improve your life step by step for you, your loved ones and beyond.

Recap of everything you get and we create

Discover the comprehensive benefits that "Create It Together" offers, from personalised advice to innovative strategies, all designed to boost and develop your business.

Personalized Expert Guidance

Get tailor-made advice to navigate your business journey with confidence.
Value: €695

Weekly Private 1:1 Session

Enjoy focused, one-on-one online time every week to dive deep into your specific needs.
Value: €1,100

Weekly Live Group Sessions

Learn and grow with others, sharing insights and gaining new perspectives weekly.
Value: €495

Irresistible Offer & Strategy

We create an offer your customers can't resist with a strategy that sets you apart.
Value: €395

5 Essential Web/ Funnel Pages

We build the core webpages / funnel to attract and engage visitors effectively.
Value: €1,995

5-Part Email Drip Campaign

Stay in touch with your audience with a series of emails designed to convert.
Value: €295

AI Business Mastery

Use the latest AI tools to improve your business processes efficiently.
Value: €995

30-Day Marketing Plan

Get off to a successful start with a comprehensive marketing plan for the first month
Value: €195

Success Launch Checklist

Ensure every detail is perfect with a checklist that prepares you for launch day.
Value: €97

Exclusive Community Access

Join a community where you can share, ask, and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs.
Value: €97

Tools & Resource Library

Access a library filled with the tools and resources you need for success.
Value: €195

Learn Once, Use Forever

Master skills and strategies you'll use over and over in your business journey.
Value: priceless

TOTAL VALUE if you would book it separately: €6,554

Frequently Asked Questions

It's not just about theory; we focus on real-life practices combined with decades of experience, with the aim of helping you create a solid foundation for a successful business.

This program is a perfect match for local business owners, personal trainers, life coaches, wellness instructors, and professionals offering services. It's also suited for creative entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and digital marketers. Whether you're in health and wellness, education, consultancy, creative arts, or any other sector seeking to make an impact online, you'll find valuable tools and strategies here.

Our program is designed to be adaptable and beneficial across a wide range of sectors. Here are 10 examples of businesses and industries that can thrive with "Create It Together":

Health and Wellness Coaches - Professionals aiming to expand their client base online.

Consulting Services - Consultants in various fields seeking to establish a stronger online presence.

Local Brick-and-Mortar Businesses - Physical stores wanting to explore or enhance their digital marketing strategies.

Freelancers - Individuals offering writing, graphic design, wedding planner or other services online.

Tech Startups - Innovative tech companies aiming to market their products or services effectively.

Educational Platforms and Tutors - Online educators and tutors looking to reach more students.

Hospitality Services - Hotels, B&Bs, and service providers in tourism seeking to improve their booking process.

Food and Beverage Businesses - Cafes, restaurants, and food delivery services aiming to grow their online orders.

Creative Artists and Agencies - Artists, photographers, and creative agencies wanting to showcase their work and attract clients.

This program is all about providing the tools, strategies, and support necessary to help a diverse array of businesses flourish online. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your existing operations, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

If you're into E-commerce, let's chat to see how we can tailor it to your needs!

Absolutely! If you have already completed tasks or your company is already up and running but you are not satisfied with the results or the structure. We will help you to shape it and prepare it for success. Questions about it? WhatsApp Thomas

You'll need a basic understanding of computer tasks such as browsing the internet, managing emails, and signing up for new software like e.g. Canva and Calendly. With this knowledge, you're well-prepared to succeed. We'll guide you through anything more complex and handle the technical details together.

If you're unsure about your tech skills, let's have a chat to see how we can support you further.

As part of our special launch offer, we'll take care of the basic setup for your website, a service that typically costs 595 euros. In our group meetings, we'll guide you step by step through the entire process, recording these sessions so you can easily follow along and review any step at your convenience.

We meet once a week for a 120-minute session, but if we're on a roll, we will extend. It's all about making the most of our time together.

Absolutely! You'll have a dedicated 60-minute online session with Thomas every week to dive deep into what matters most for your business's growth.

Aside from our two-hour group sessions and one 60-minute 1:1 individual session per week, you can significantly accelerate your progress by taking more time to implement what you've learned in your business. The more time you give yourself, the faster you will see your business change and grow. The exact time might vary depending on the complexity of your business.

Q: Is it really possible to launch my business within the timeframe?
Your launch timeline depends on your commitment and the nature of your tasks. While some may launch within 6 weeks, others may need more time. It’s flexible, and you're in control.

Q: And do I have to launch my business in 6 weeks?
Not at all. If you prefer to prepare now and launch later, that's totally fine. You decide when you're ready

If you're still shaping your idea, let's start with a discovery call to explore how we can align your goals and potentially help you. Feel free to drop a message to Thomas on WhatsApp to schedule a call.

Everything happens online, so you can be part of this from anywhere around the globe! Our first group meetings take place on Wednesday, Sep 04th at 4 PM EST (Madrid time) and then every other Wednesday the same time. For those in different time zones, that translates to 10 AM in New York, 7 AM in Los Angeles, 10 AM in Toronto, 3PM in London, 1 AM (Wednesday) in Melbourne, and 9 PM (Tuesday) in Jakarta. You can double-check your local time here: World Time Buddy.

For the weekly 1:1 online meetings with Thomas, we'll schedule these individually to fit your schedule best.

Q: How are the group meetings organized?
Each meeting starts with a brief insight into the topic of the week, followed by a presentation of practical tools for the task at hand. We then work through the tasks using a real-life example from a participant. Then you also have time to implement the task immediately for your business in short break-outs. We move on to the next task and so on. Finally, we discuss the next steps and goals for our next session.

Q: What if I can't make it to a group meeting or our one-on-one chat?
A: No worries! We record all group sessions for you to catch up on your own time. And if you miss a 1:1 session with Thomas, we'll work together to reschedule, ensuring you get the personalized support you need.

We use a variety of tools like WordPress, Mailchimp, Calendly, Zoom, and Canva, among others, depends on your business. Our focus is on flexibility and cost-effectiveness, ensuring we choose the best solutions for your business. Do you have others in mind, please let's chat and we will discuss the options. If you're considering other platforms like ClickFunnels,, or similar, let's chat! We're open to discussing and exploring the best options together.

We're all about keeping costs low to help your business thrive without breaking the bank. Monthly expenses for software and apps usually sit between 30 to 100 euros, depending on what exactly you need. Besides, don't forget things like domain registration and any specific tool or service unique to your operations might add a bit more. But rest assured, our aim is to ensure you get the most efficient tools at the best price. If there are other costs you're curious about, let's have a conversation and map out everything you'll need.

Absolutely, within our community forum, you can ask any questions or seek assistance as needed. We encourage every community member to actively support one another. Additionally, our team will also be there to offer help whenever you need it.

Everything created during the program is entirely yours. We're here to guide you and help bring your vision to life, but you own all the results.

A sales funnel represents the path a potential customer takes from learning about a product or service to making a purchase. Think of this funnel as a visual roadmap that shows where a potential customer is at a certain point in the buying process1. The stages of a sales funnel guide potential customers through their decision-making process and help them move from initial awareness to closing the deal.

Why is a sales funnel important?
Understanding the sales funnel allows you to understand what prospects are thinking and feeling as they move towards a purchase. When you know where potential customers are in their journey, you can effectively adjust your marketing strategies. Ultimately, this leads to higher conversion rates and sales over time. A well-constructed sales funnel attracts attention, drives interest and facilitates successful transactions. When executed properly, it also sets the stage for positive reviews and repeat business.

You'll get a complete package to kickstart your business: personalized guidance, a supportive community, and all the essential online tools you'll need. It's a one-stop solution!

Don't hesitate to reach out! We're more than happy to have a chat or arrange a 20-minute call to discuss any further queries. Just WhatsApp Thomas!

You have more questions?

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